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Google making an 'entertainment device', what could it be?

Google is working on building a home entertainment device, according to reports. We get our speculating hard hats on.

Google is beavering away on building a 'home entertainment device', according to a report in the New York Times that cites people 'with knowledge of the company's plans'.

The search giant is reckoned to be building something that would see it moving further into the business of making actual gadgets. This mystery device is supposedly for streaming music, though the paper reckons it'll eventually be used for more things.

Curious. Nothing else is known about the secret gadget, though it's rumoured to have been in the works for over a year. Motorola -- who Google acquired last year -- is likely to be the manufacturer.

In an application filed with the FCC, spotted last week by GigaOM, the big G revealed its plans to test an 'entertainment device', that users connect to their home Wi-Fi connection, and connect to other home electronics via Bluetooth. The device would be tested in Google employees' homes.

So what could it be? It's unlikely to be a TV, since Google is already sneaking its Android operating system into tellies via manufacturers like Sony and LG. Could it be a wireless speaker system like Sonos?

Sonos streams music to different rooms in your house, and it's already got a partnership with Spotify. Sonos is great, but the disadvantage is that it's very expensive. Could Google be crafting a cheaper multi-room speaker system?

The reports of the device being useful for more than music hint that you could also use whatever this turns out to be for other media. Perhaps it'll tap into Google's rumoured cloud storage service, known as Drive. Perhaps it's those sci-fi HUD glasses the company is also rumoured to be building...

It's time to get your guessing hats on -- let fly with your theories in the comments, or on our Facebook wall, and stay tuned for more news.