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Google looks for talent at hacker con

Solving a puzzle gets you a T-Shirt. Handing in your business card may get you a call from a recruiter.

Puzzling for a Google shirt at CanSecWest. CNET Evers

VANCOUVER, B.C.--Google is looking for a few good security people and it is looking at the CanSecWest security conference.

At the Google table at the event, two employees are giving away Google pens and buttons that light up. If you finish a puzzle, you also get a T-shirt. (The puzzles aren't very hard, as I was able to do two of them in little time.)

Also on Google's table is information on the security jobs it is looking to fill.

It's no real surprise to see Google out at CanSecWest. The company was also out in Washington, D.C., for ShmooCon last month.