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Google logo take Earth Day temperature

Google's Earth Day logo featured a melting iceberg. Bloggers debate the political point being made.

Sunday was Earth Day, and like many tech companies, Google did its part to celebrate the environment and . The company came up with a special version of its logo for the day, something it often does for holidays and other special events.

Google logo take Earth Day temperature

While previous versions of the Earth Day logo have featured the cute critters and planetary visions, this year's image took a slightly different form: the Google logo as a melting iceberg.

The move definitely caught bloggers' eyes, and there was debate on whether the company was trying to make a political statement on the topic of global warming and climate change.

Blog community response:

"The company has been vocal on the topic of net neutrality and privacy, but steers clear of more partisan conversation. But at the same time, the company houses some of the brightest minds in technology, and with buildings full of Ph.D.'s, it's no surprise they would find the very real issue of global warming as one they would highlight on Earth Day. Good for Google. I hope others besides myself take note."
--Silicon Valley Blog

"Today is Earth Day, and Google is celebrating by making their logo look like an iceberg. I'm not exactly sure what that's supposed to mean. Are they saying the earth is warming so fast, the ice is melting? That we need more ice, so they're pitching in to do their part? That they're freezing their butts off at Google headquarters? Is global warming all there is left to talk about on Earth Day? What happened to the Earth Day people encouraging us to ride our bikes to work and to stop littering? What happened to the good old days, when we could cut up the plastic rings from our six-packs and be saving the environment?"
--Skye Puppy

"Is the company making a bold statement about its view of anthropogenic global warming? Of course, it is interesting that Google finds this day so important when it didn't do anything last May to commemorate Memorial Day as reported by NewsBusters. What does this tell us about the search engine's priorities?"