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Google launches Nexus 7 tablet in France, Germany, Spain

The device is on sale for 199 euros for the 8GB model and 249 euros for the 16GB option.

Josh Miller/CNET

Google has delivered its Nexus 7 tablet to more European countries.

The company revealed today that the Nexus 7 is now available in France, Germany, and Spain. The device, which includes a 7-inch display and runs Google's Android platform, is already available in a host of countries, including the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

The 8GB Nexus 7 is available for 199 euros, while the 16GB option goes for 249 euros.

Google launched the Nexus 7 tablet last month. Since then, the device has sold exceedingly well and solidified itself as an iPad competitor. In CNET's review of the device, it earned four stars out of five, thanks to its "beautiful screen, fast performance, a comfortable design, and overall great media options."

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