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Google launches its own version of Snapchat Stories

Google's new AMP stories give publishers a way to share content with images and video.


Google is introducing Snapchat-style Stories as a way to share content visually.  

Screenshot by Megan Wollerton/CNET

Google on Tuesday announced a new way to share and view stories in its search engine. Called AMP stories, the new Google template is free and available to anyone. 

Similar to Snapchat's Stories or YouTube's Reels, Google's AMP stories are optimized for mobile viewing, as they condense text to a series of interactive, animated images and videos. It's an evolution of AMP, the search giant's format for publishers to quickly deliver easy-to-read articles direct from search results, allowing you to quickly pull up a story on your phone.

"AMP stories are built on the technical infrastructure of AMP to provide a fast, beautiful experience on the mobile web," said Rudy Galfi, product manager for AMP at Google, in a blog post.

The developer preview for AMP stories is available now -- watch the tutorial to find out how to create them. 

Select publishers involved in the development of AMP stories already have live examples. Simply search in your mobile browser for any of the following outlets: CNN, Conde Nast, Hearst, Mashable, Meredith, Mic, Vox Media and The Washington Post.

Watch the video below to learn more.