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Google rivals Apple with Google Play Music Family Plan at $15 per month

Up to six people can share a Google Play Music account under the new family plan. Apple Music offers a similar streaming music plan at the same price.

Google Music will be available in a new family plan format for $14.99. CNET

Google is offering a new family plan for music fans.

Unveiled on Tuesday at Google's Nexus launch event in San Francisco, the new Google Play Music Family Plan cost $15 per month for up to six people. The plan will launch later this year.

User will be able to listen to their favorite music anytime on any device. Google will also offer recommendations on music tailored to each individual user.

Google Play has been available in a couple of different flavors. At $10 a month, the paid version of Google Music offers unlimited access to songs and online storage space to house music you already own. Launched in June, a free, ad-supported version of Google's music service lets you browse curated stations by genre, mood, decade or activity as well as search for your favorite artists, albums or songs to create your own stations of similar music.

The new family plan is yet another way for Google to compete with Apple in the music streaming arena. Apple also charges $15 a month for its Apple Music family plan, which also allows up to six people. Both companies charge $10 a month for an individual subscription. Google lets users get a taste of Google Music through a free option, while Apple Music is limited to just the paid individual and family plans.

Some other streaming services like Spotify and Rdio let you add users to an account for an additional $5 per month, but adding six users typically costs more than family plans from Google and Apple.

Google Music is available on the Web and on mobile devices via an Android app and iOS app.