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Google launches apps for sharing Latitude location

The search giant debuts first-party applications for Google Latitude that let users share their location with Google Talk buddies or readers of their blog.

Google has two new applications that let users of its Latitude service share their location with people who are not using the service.

The first, for Google's Talk service, will update your chat status with your location (at a city level) every time you check in with Latitude. The other is a badge you can stick on your blog or social-networking profile that shows precisely where you are.

It looks like this:

CNET Networks

Just like embedding a Google Map, you can pick the terrain type and zoom level, and it pumps out some simple code for you, including a link back to Google Latitude.

Google is promising more Latitude applications. Yahoo has already beaten Google to the punch on one front, with its Friends on Fire application for Facebook, which lets users share their location with other Facebook buddies using Yahoo's competing Fire Eagle service.