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Google kills off Buzz, tells you how to save your posts

Google has killed Buzz, and it's letting anyone who uses Gmail know about it. But you can save your posts if you'd like to.

Why shouldn't you invite Google to a party? Because it's a Buzz kill! Yes, the Big G is axing Buzz, its failed attempt to rival Twitter, and now it's letting anyone who uses Gmail know about it via a handy yellow box.

When you sign into your Gmail account you'll see the notice, which reads, "Google Buzz is going away, but your posts are yours to keep."

Aww, it makes it sound as if Buzz is going away to live on a lovely farm. Clicking a link to learn more informs you that Google will be 'retiring' the service in a few weeks, from which point you won't be able to create any new posts.

Old posts will stay visible though, via your Google profile, or you can download your Buzz history using Google Takeout, which lets you download an archive of your data from various Google services.

If you haven't seen that notice yet, don't worry -- it appears to be showing on some Gmail accounts but not others at the moment. 

Google announced it would be powering down Buzz several weeks back, in order to focus on Google+, its more recent and ambitious social network that takes on Facebook. Google+ lets you post publicly to anyone who puts you in their circle, so it rather made Buzz obsolete.

Buzz isn't the first Google social product to belly-flop into the ocean of failure -- the search giant also gave Google Wave the chop when it failed to take off.

Did you use Buzz? Are you sad to see it loaded into a van and carted off to the glue factory? Or do you prefer Twitter? Let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.