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Google issue accidentally crashed Google Wifi, OnHub devices

A factory reset will fix the problem, the company said.

A minor issue easily fixed.

Josh Miller/CNET

If you own a Google Wifi or OnHub router, you may have to set it up all over again.

After investigating reports of faulty devices, Google released a statement to customers Thursday saying an issue with Google Accounts caused many Google Wifi and OnHub routers to reset themselves.

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"They will unfortunately need to be set up again," the statement said. "This has not affected the software or performance of the device but it does need to be re-setup."

Hours earlier, many users had taken to forums and social media to voice their dissatisfaction and confusion.

It's not a great start for Google Wifi, an otherwise excellent router that launched three months ago. It's the company's first router made in-house. The 2015 Google-branded OnHub series was made by Asus and TP-Link.