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Google is selling Zagat to restaurant reviewer The Infatuation

The famed name in the restaurant industry will remain a separate brand.

Google Sells Zagat

Google is selling Zagat. 


Google has signed a deal to sell Zagat to a restaurant review site called The Infatuation, the companies said Monday.

"Iconic brands don't become available very often, and Zagat is about as iconic as it gets," Chris Stang, CEO of The Infatuation, said in a statement.    

Google bought restaurant reviewer Zagat in 2011 for $151 million and incorporated its content into Google Maps and other services. A possible sale had been rumored earlier this year.

The Infatuation didn't release the purchase price. The nine-year-old site includes in-house reviewers across cities including Chicago, New York and San Francisco. It plans to keep Zagat as a separate brand. 

"Zagat has helped us provide useful and relevant dining results for users across our various products," said Jen Fitzpatrick, vice president of product and engineering at Google, said in the statement. "The Infatuation is an innovative company that will be a terrific home for the Zagat brand."

First published March 5 at 7:34 a.m. PT.
Update, 8:21 a.m. PT: Confirmation of sale and comments added.