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Google introduces new parameters for developing Android apps

Future apps from the Play store should be faster and more secure.


Google will restrict the access older Android apps have to future versions of Android OS.

Xiomara Blanco/CNET

Every year, there are billions of Android apps downloaded from the Google Play store. In an attempt to keep people's experience using those apps favorable, Google is making some changes to the requirements for developing new apps and updating older ones.

In a blog post on its developer website, Google shared three initiatives it would be implementing to improve the speed and security of its apps:

  • New apps must use a recent version of Android.
  • 32-bit apps must also have a 64-bit library for reference.
  • Google will add security metadata to application developer kits (ADK).

The blog goes on to state how future versions of Android will restrict the access older apps have that don't target a recent version of Android.

Correction, 4:36 p.m.: Story has been updated to reflect that Google's new initiatives are aimed at new apps and updates of older apps.