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Google Instant comes to Android, iPhones worldwide

Google officially makes Instant results lookup a global product.

Google Instant in French
Google Instant goes international. Google

While we can't call it "instant," Google's expansion of Google Instant to mobile phones around the globe has been relatively snappy.

Google Instant, the company's implementation of real-time Web search results as you type, first debuted in beta form in the U.S. last month, for iOS 4.0 devices like iPhone and iPod Touch and for Android smartphones running operating system 2.2 or higher.

Today, Google Instant ushers in compatibility for 28 languages in 40 countries, according to a Google press release. (See below for supported countries.)

Google Instant will only work on the Web browser, and only after you opt in to it through a link on

Since screen real estate is limited, you'll sometimes need to scroll down past the search suggestions to see the first results; this may not appeal to everyone. Do you love it; hate it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Countries: U.S., UK, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, Swizerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Mexico, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Romania, Portugal, Hungary, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia.

Article updated at 3:55PM PT