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Google homepage urges Brits to vote on EU referendum day

Google wants you to vote today, as the UK goes to the polls to decide if it wants to remain in the European Union, or leave.


The link takes you to Google UK's Google Plus page, and the Electoral Commission's "About My Vote" site.


Google wants you to vote today, using its homepage to remind UK residents that today is the day of the EU referendum -- as if there's any chance you could forget.

The fiercely contested vote will determine whether the British public wants to remain part of the European Union, or become independent from the bloc of 28 countries, which was born out of trading alliances established in the wake of World War II.

"Time to vote," Google's homepage says today. "The UK's EU Referendum happens today." Clicking the link takes you to a post on Google UK's Google+ page, which itself links to the Electoral Commission's About My Vote page, which has information on how to vote, and the main arguments from both the Remain and Leave campaigns.

Yesterday Google UK memorialised the murdered MP Jo Cox, with a link through to the charity donation page setup in her memory.