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Google Home Mini gets new aqua color option

The fourth option for the small smart speaker is a pleasant and bright blue-green.

James Martin/CNET

Google Home Mini is getting more colorful. Already offered in chalk, charcoal and coral, the $50 smart speaker will soon be available in aqua. Google announced the new blue-green exterior on Tuesday, and it offers a bright alternative if you want something more colorful than the gray or black option but aren't struck by the reddish coral.

All four of the colors have the same soft mesh exterior surrounding the puck-size smart speaker powered by Google Assistant. The Google Home Mini responds to voice commands through Google Assistant, and you can ask it to control your smart home, check your calendar, search the web and any number of tasks. You can order the Aqua version of the Google Home Mini starting Oct. 29 for the same $50 price as the current three. The Google Home Mini is also offered overseas for £50 and AU$80. 

This new color announcement comes a week before the company's Made by Google event in New York on Oct. 9. We're expecting new phones and possibly smart-home-related announcements like the leaked Google Home Hub