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Smart Home

The Google Home Max might work as a TV sound bar with this update

The speaker reportedly had atrocious latency of over half a second -- meaning your audio and video would be out of sync.


The Google Home Max.

Chris Monroe/CNET 

Google will issue a much-needed firmware update this month for the Google Home Max, the company's largest smart speaker.

"Much-needed" if you're watching video on a phone or TV plugged into speaker's 3.5mm jack, that is. 

According to The Next Web, the Max wouldn't sync up audio properly with any video you might be watching, because of an inherent 550 millisecond delay in playing audio piped through the 3.5mm line-in audio jack.

That's a pretty atrocious delay -- over half a second -- but TNW reports that Google's firmware update will bring it down to a far more reasonable (actually quite speedy) 39 milliseconds.

Update, 3:33p.m. PT: Google has confirmed the story to CNET. "This performance improvement makes Max an even more frictionless experience for those plugging in their record player, smartphone or other audio source," says a Google rep.

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