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Google Home coming to Australia, sorry Alexa

We don't know when or even if Amazon's Echo will come Down Under, but Google's Home smart speaker will hit Australia later this year.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Google's I/O developers conference brought lots of news about the Google Home speaker. It can now make hands-free calls, communicate more with your phone and better integrate streamers like Spotify.

Most exciting for those of us Down Under, though, is the news that Google Home is actually coming Down Under.

Home is powered by Google Assistant, the tech giant's AI-powered virtual assistant. In the US, it's the main competition for Amazon's Echo, the retail company's Alexa assistant-integrated smart speaker. Hopefully this will motivate Amazon to hurry along with bringing the Echo to Australia.

Smart home tech, which lets you control appliances in your home with your phone, has been taking off in the US, but Australia has been left behind. We're pegged to catch up soon, and Google Home, which among other things acts as a central hub for smart home shenanigans, could kick us in the right direction.

Read more about Google Home in our review from last year.

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