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Some people got a $112 discount on the Google Home this week

Thanks to a New York Times promotion oversight, a few new subscribers got a helluva deal on a Google Home.

A few new subscribers to the New York Times got a brand-new Google Home for only $17 yesterday. To be clear, this is the older Home device, not the new Google Home Mini or Google Home Max that the company debuted this week.

The Times ran a promotion yesterday offering a year-long subscription for $16.99 per month and a code to redeem for a Google Home on the Play store for free. The problem: it also allowed users to cancel their subscriptions at any time. So a user could sign up, get their Google Home code, redeem it, confirm shipment, then cancel their NYT sub and only be billed for the first month. A measly $16.99. Especially measly compared to a Google Home at its full $129 price.

Screenshot by Eric Franklin/CNET

CNET's own Justin Cauchon was lucky enough to nab a Home as a part of this deal, but has yet to cancel his NYT sub.

The "All Access + Google Home" version of the yearly subscription is no longer available as of today.

Google and the New York Times did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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