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Google hiring TV product manager

Google is looking to hire an interactive-TV product manager, according to this job posting.

"In this role, you will provide leadership on product vision and execution of projects that enable using Google's search and advertising technologies to enhance users' television-viewing experience," the posting says. "You will identify key market trends that are shaping user behavior when watching television. These include, but are not limited to, the intersection of Internet and television technologies, video-on-demand, personal video recorders and (the) emergence of next-generation set-top-boxes with IP connectivity. You will then identify areas where use of Google's search and advertising technology can enhance this user experience and define appropriate products to deliver these user benefits."

As usual, Google was tight-lipped about the posting. "As you're likely aware, Google is always looking for talented individuals worldwide to join the company. Unfortunately, there's nothing more beyond the job description that we can share at this time," a company representative said in an e-mail.