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Google guessing game: What's atop the mystery barge?

Tell CNET what you think the odd-looking structure atop the barge might be? A Google Glass store? A floating data center? Or something more nefarious?

A look at the mysterious structure atop a barge in San Francisco Bay. Google won't say what it is, generating intense speculation. Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Over the last week, there has been intense speculation about just what Google is building on its barges in the San Francisco Bay and in Portland, Maine.

CNET was first to report the connection between Google and the structures, but we're not sure what the tech giant is building.

Google isn't saying -- the company hasn't responded to multiple requests for comment. But there's no doubt that Google is behind the project. It has been in discussions with two public agencies -- the National Park Service, and the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission -- about towing whatever it is building into San Francisco.

There's also been speculation that the project will be taken from city to city. And while most people believe Google's intentions are good, there's been plenty of commentary that the company is going back on its commitment to never be evil.

But we'd love to know your thoughts on what the mysterious structures are. Please feel free to leave them in the comments section.