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Google Glass gets a spread in Vogue magazine

Disparage it as dorky if you like, but Glass has 12 full pages of glamour shots in this year's most important fashion tome.

Future meets fashionista? Google

If there's one criticism of Google Glass that gets repeated more than any other, it's that the augmented-reality eyewear can make its user look a bit like a half-hearted Geordi La Forge impersonator (read: a tad dorky).

And yet, right there in the massive September issue of Vogue is a 12-page photo spread featuring Google Glass in full-blown, future-meets-couture glamour shots. Vogue's September issue is the most important of the year and a benchmark of sorts for the fashion industry. This year it's packed with Silicon Valley geek cred -- there's also a profile of Yahoo's Marissa Mayer in its pages.

We've seen a number of demonstrations of how Glass can be useful in different ways, be it at the zoo or while popping the big question, but this is the most high-profile example we've come across thus far of Glass as high-fashion accessory.

The Glass glam shots won't be available online until August 27, but you can pick up a hard copy at newsstands now. It's also great for weight training when you're done with it.