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Google Glass Explorer program waiting list quietly goes live

A few weeks ago, current Explorers were given three invites to distribute to friends, and now anyone can get in line for Glass (the beta edition, at least).

Google Glass Explorer
Now anyone can get in line to take up the nascent art of Glass photography. Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Google Glass is slowly coming within reach of members of the general populace who aren't developers, celebrities, or elite early adopters.

This week, as Google rolled out a Glass software update that adds a new command for listening to music, the company also quietly put a new form online that allows anyone to add themselves to a waiting list for the Glass Explorer program. The Explorer program so far has allowed certain developers, contest winners, and VIPs the privilege of paying $1,500 for a beta version of the hardware. Last month, existing Explorers were given the ability to invite three friends to purchase their own set of Glass.

The introduction of a waiting list that anyone can add themselves to seems a pretty clear indication that Google is looking to really broaden its beta test, and hopefully it means that the launch of the consumer version of Glass isn't too many months away.

To get on the list so you can eventually get to be as cool as this guy, fill out the Google form here.