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Google Glass competition winners announced, celebs dominate

Some lucky so-and-sos will get their hands on a pair of Google Glass specs early, and annoyingly some of them are celebrities.

Google Glass should be here by the end of the year (and not cost the earth), but some lucky so-and-sos will get the chance to buy early. They entered a Google-run competition called 'If I Had Glass', which asked entrants what they would do if they were handed a pair of the tech specs.

Now the winners have been announced, and Stanford computer science PhD student Andrej Karpathy has put together some info on them using the publicly available data, The Verge reports. They seem to be dominated by celebrities, both in the world of tech and out, which is a bit galling, considering those in the media spotlight already get more than their fair share of perks. (I'm not jealous of course.)

Slebs include actor Neil Patrick Harris (that's the guy who played Doogie Howser!), rapper Soulja Boy, actress Alyssa Milano, director Kevin Smith, and singer Brandy Norwood, among others. There are plenty of civilians on the list as well, one of which has only seven Twitter followers (expect that to rocket once they get their hands on a pair of Glass specs). Though the competition was only open to US residents, which hardly seems fair.

Expect to see an explosion of videos made using Glass as soon as this lot get their mitts on a pair.

The Google glasses are set to land before Christmas, and cost around £1,000. That's not too crazily expensive, when you consider they'll do everything your phone can do and more, right in your vision as you stroll down the street. They'll be made just down the road from Google's HQ in California, too.

I'm stoked about Google Glass, and I'm in pretty good company. Are you excited? What's the first thing you'd do if you had a pair? Let me know in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.