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Google gives Kansas City second chance to get Fiber

Residents have until December 22 to sign up for Google's superfast Internet service.

Google's three Fiber plans.
Residents can choose from three Google Fiber plans. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Residents in Kansas City who qualify for Google Fiber but don't yet have it can once again sign up for the Gigabit Internet service.

As of Wednesday, Google is making the its high-speed Internet service available to people who live in one of the 180 areas in Kansas City, Kan. and central Kansas City, Mo., that qualify for access. Google Fiber first rolled out to Kansas City residents in 2012, so the new offer is designed to capture those who missed out or passed on the deal the first time around.

Those interested can sign up for the service via Google's Fiber Web page or visit one of the company's Fiber Space locations in Missouri or Kansas. You then opt for one of the three available Google Fiber packages.

Potential buyers have until December 22 to sign up. Google hopes to install the service by the spring of 2014 for people who sign up over the next month. As further incentive, Google will dole out a free Nexus 7 tablet to subscribers who choose the Gigabit + TV plan, the company said in a blog posted Wednesday.

The Google Fiber network is also expanding. In March of 2014, people in North Kansas City, South Kansas City, Gladstone, Grandview, and Raytown will have their shot at the high-speed network. Each area will be divided into smaller sections dubbed "fiberhoods." To qualify for Fiber access, a certain number of homes in each fiberhood will have to take the bait.