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Google gets musical to celebrate filmmaker Oskar Fischinger

The 117th birthday of the influential filmmaker and artist is marked with a Google Doodle that invites you to make a visual music composition.


Google wants you to make your own visual music composition in honor of filmmaker and abstract animator Oskar Fischinger.

A Google Doodle on Thursday celebrates the artist's 117th birthday. Fischinger, who died in 1967, was known for pairing abstract visuals with music, long before computer graphics and music videos.

"In the world of design, Fischinger is a towering figure, especially in the areas of motion graphics and animation," wrote Google's Leon Hong in a blog post. "A master of motion and color, Fischinger spent months -- sometimes years -- planning and handcrafting his animations."

The Google Doodle leads to a page where you can visually compose music by selecting dots on an 11x16 grid. Each dot represents a note, and you can select between four different "instruments." The composition is played on loop.

After some random clicking, I was able to put together something that didn't sound too terrible. If you're interested in music or Fischinger, give it a try.