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Google gets its groove on

Google launched a new service this week that lets people search for links to song lyrics, albums and artists.


The search engine company hasn't launched its own music store, but does offer links to online stores including Apple Computer's iTunes service, RealNetworks Rhapsody, eMusic and

Bloggers generally liked the service, although a few wondered if Google would run into trouble for reproducing lyrics, an act that has drawn the attention of some lawyers for music publishers.

Blog community response:

"Perhaps, Google just might turn out to be the king maker in the digital music download space. Given Microsoft and Yahoo's musical ambitions, it is fair to assume that Google could e get 'closer' to Apple. But that's a story for another day."
--OmMalik's blog

"Meanwhile, the more interesting part of the story is that Google will also be pointing people to lyrics. Just a week ago, we had a story about music publisher Warner/Chappell shutting down Pearlyrics, a system that did exactly the same thing. Anyone want to take bets on whether or not Warner/Chappell or some other music publisher will now start suing Google?"

"Google is currently linking to iTunes, Rhapsody and others to purchase music as well as reviews from select sites on the web. This is, of course, a good first step in putting together a music store. Let's see where they go with this."