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Google gets down to business

Google has offered up new technology will allow corporations to search across multiple applications, such as corporate contact directory, customer resource management and financial programs.

Google Search Appliance

The Google Search Appliance, which uses the company's OneBox, starts at $30,000, Google said. The product debuted with a set of modules for partners including Oracle, Cognos, SAS and

In the consumer world, Google is already trying to spread its dominance beyond search. Bloggers said this move is a step toward dominance in the enterprise world as well.

Blog community response:

"The enterprise software companies hope to be able to pull more users and more usage into their proprietary software worlds through Google. If search is indeed the new UI, and your data does not appear in search results, then you might as well be invisible."

"So Google are clearly seeing if they can start to index private data, not just public data. Is this a ploy to take over the intranet? I don't think so, but this seems like a logical way for google to maintain their organiz growth."
--A Zulu in Silicon Valley

"But if this is true, and Google gets a toehold, will we start seeing the same kind of innovation with internal data search as we have been on the web? Only time will tell, but if past record is anything to go by the move is well thought out and will be logically extended with time. Google Ahoy!!!"