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Google+ gets brand fan pages, including CNET UK

The wait is over: Google+ has fan pages -- and there's an official CNET UK page too!

The wait is over: Google+ has fan pages -- and there's an official CNET UK page too! Now we need your help to make it the coolest page going.

Google today created pages for companies, brands or just groups with similar interests to create pages dedicated to their company, brand or hobby. They're like Facebook fan pages.

Angry Birds, the Muppets, and Save the Children partnered with Google and were were among the first brands to get their own pages.

Google+ has a healthy and growing community, although even Google insiders admit there's still plenty to be done. Brand pages certainly need a lot of work, with the main problem being that only one person can administer a page; that's no use for a team or group.

Google+ features include hangouts, where you can have group video and text chats, and circles, which let you filter what posts, pictures and other content appear in your feed.

To set up your own brand page, go to Choose what kind of business you are, decide who can see your profile, add a photo and 10-word tag line and away you go. You can't pick your own address unfortunately, as Google has no plans for vanity URLs.

We'd like your help to shape our page on Google Plus. What would you like to see on the page? Would you like to comment on stories from CNET UK? Would you like to hang out with the CNET team and fellow readers? How should it be different to Facebook and Twitter?

What would earn your +1? Give us your suggestions in the comments or on our Google+ page.

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