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Google 'Gem' watch due soon with Google Now, report tips

Google is reportedly putting the finishing touches on its Galaxy Gear rival.

Google is putting the finishing touches on its Galaxy Gear smart watch rival, according to fresh rumours.

The long whispered-of 'Gem' watch is having the 'finishing touches' applied, 9to5Google reports, citing a mysterious source. Google is reportedly putting emphasis on decent battery life and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity powers.

The mythical wrist-occupier is tipped to rely heavily on Google Now -- the Android app that lets you search Google using your voice, and also shows you pertinent information you might want to know depending on your location and search history.

Examples could be train times, traffic notifications or event reminders. That would be pretty handy to have popping up on your watch, though it would almost certainly require a Bluetooth connection to a Google Now-enabled smart phone.

Google is expected to reveal its new Nexus 5 smart phone any time now, so that could be when we get our first glimpse of the Gem. We've also heard whispers that the 31 October is when we'll get a look at Google's watch. 9to5Google reckons we'll see something from the Big G 'sooner rather than later'.

Samsung has already debuted its own smart watch, the Galaxy Gear -- though battery life isn't great, and the watch lacks some very basic features. Oh, and it also only works with the Galaxy Note 3 at the moment.

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