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Google+ for Android gets key feature: Reshare

Google delivers the top requested item for the Google+ app on mobile devices, the ability to reshare somebody else's post to a person's own contacts.

Google+ for Android now lets people reshare posts.
Google+ for Android now lets people reshare posts. Google

One of the first things I looked for in the Android app for using Google+ was an option to reshare posts with others. Today, Google delivered it.

And I'm not alone. Resharing was the top-requested feature for using Google's social network on mobile devices.

"The Google+ Android app update includes our No. 1 most requested mobile feature, resharing posts," said mobile product mamager Ben Eidelson in a YouTube video. The feature is in Google+ for Android 1.0.6.

To use it, users tap on a post, then tap on the three dots in the upper right signifying actions they can take with it. The "share" option lets people share the post publicly or just to circles.

The feature stands to significantly improve the activity on mobile devices, where it's often handy to forward an e-mail or retweet a tweet--activities that are a lot easier than creating an original post from scratch.

The feature won't be limited to the Android app, of course.

"Don't worry, iOS and Web app folks, reshare is coming soon for you too!" added Punit Soni, the lead product manager for Google+ games and mobile, in a Google+ post.

The new version also lets people create new circles, Google said in release notes. Here's Eidelson's video: