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Google+ for Android gets five updates, ditches Messenger for Hangouts

The company's mobile app now includes location sharing and full support for Google Apps for Business.

Google has updated Google+ for Android, the company announced on Wednesday.

The new Google+ Android app comes with five new features, according to Google software developer Virgil Dobjanschi. Chief among the changes is Google's announcement that it has nixed Messenger support in the app in favor of Hangouts. The developer said that because Hangouts now works across platforms, including Android, iOS, and the Web, it makes no sense to include Messenger.

In addition, the new Google+ app allows for switching accounts and pages and fully supports Google Apps for Business. Photos and videos stored on Google Drive are also available to users. Google has integrated location-sharing into the app as well.

Google+ for Android's update is available for free in the Google Play marketplace.