Google flush with laughs after porcelain prank

Tech Culture

Google was apparently trying to bowl over Web surfers with its April Fools' Day prank Sunday by offering a service that lets people stay online when they are on the john.

The Web search giant launched a gag offer on its home page called "Dark Porcelain" that that offered high-speed wireless Internet access via consumers' toilets.

Google said its "Toilet Internet Service Provider" (TiSP) would be available in three speeds: Trickle, The No. 2, and Royal Flush. Google's prank included an online installation guide, an FAQ and a press release quoting Google co-founder and President Larry Page.

"There's actually a thriving little underground community that's been studying this exact solution for a long time," Page said in the facetious statement. "And today our Toilet ISP team is pleased to be leading the way through the sewers, up out of your toilet and--splat--right onto your PC."

The service, which uses the central sewer system to connect your home to the Internet, works with Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system, but is incompatible with septic tanks, the company's site said.

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