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Google finally updates YouTube app for iPad, iPhone 5

Alongside today's big Gmail iOS update, Google's rolled out an update to its YouTube app that adds support for iPads and iPhone 5.

Nearly three months after its debut on the iPhone and iPod Touch, Google has updated its standalone YouTube app for the first time, adding compatibility for the iPad and iPhone 5.

As part of an update today, the app is now universal and works on the three different screen sizes.

Other additions include support for video streaming over AirPlay, support for URLs within video descriptions, and what Google says are "videos that start faster and play more smoothly."

The new YouTube update brings iPad support.
The new YouTube update brings iPad support. Josh Lowensohn/CNET

YouTube was once a built-in application on iOS from the very first iPhone. Apple removed it, along with Google Maps in iOS 6, which came out in September. While Apple provided its own replacement for maps, the removal of the built-in YouTube app meant that users needed to head to YouTube's mobile Web site to browse and search for videos, while the uploading features remained in Apple's built-in video recording tools.

The update comes just a few hours after Google put out a completely revamped version of its Gmail app for iOS. That app completely changes the look and feel of the software to better match Google's desktop Web mail counterpart. It also added support for multiple accounts.