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Google Fiber targets small businesses with special data plans

The plans will start in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the search giant's high-speed internet initiative announced signups this morning.


Google will offer data plans specifically for small businesses.


Google wants everyone to eventually use Fiber, its high-speed internet service, even mom-and-pop operations.

The search giant on Tuesday announced new data plans specifically for eligible small businesses. There are three options: 100 megabits per second for $70 a month, 250 Mbps for $100 a month or 1000 Mbps for $250 a month.

A Google spokeswoman said eligibility mostly depends on whether or not a business's needs exceed what Google can offer. For example, if they require more servers, they would likely need another option.

The small business plans will be available at first in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Fiber just announced signups. But the plans will eventually be available in all Fiber cities, including Austin, Kansas City, and Provo, Utah.

Fiber is just one part of Google's broader desire to not only build services for the internet, but actually deliver the internet itself. For that, it has an initiative called Loon for beaming Wi-Fi down to remote regions from flying balloons, and an experimental wireless carrier called Project Fi.