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Google Fiber might be coming to Dallas

Google is working with local officials to explore the possibility of expanding its high-speed internet service to Dallas.


The road ahead for Google Fiber could include a stop in Dallas.


Google Fiber is looking to expand in the Lone Star state.

Google is working alongside Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and local leaders to learn more about the city's existing infrastructure, local topography and other factors that could impact the building of a fiber network, said Jill Szuchmacher, director of expansion for Google Fiber, in a blog post Tuesday.

At 1 gigabit per second, Google Fiber is significantly faster than the average internet connection in the US. The service, which costs $70 per month, is already available in Austin and is set to roll out in San Antonio.

The fiber network would offer a better and faster internet connection to locals, said Szuchmacher, allowing businesses to download files in seconds and for people to stream their favorite show without any buffering.