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Google expands its Google+ single sign-in feature

Google+ users will find even more ways to use the same log-in credentials to access Web sites, apps, and share information.


Google is taking a bigger page from Facebook and Twitter by expanding the way in which you can use your Google+ credentials.

The Google+ sign-in feature lets you use your Google account to access certain Web sites and Web apps without having to create a new account from scratch. The process is similar to using your Facebook or Twitter credentials to log in to different Web sites and launch different Web apps.

Now, Google has expanded the feature to allow developers to add more options, according to a blog posted today. As of now, developers can tap into the following options:

  • Add trusted authentication to their apps and sites
  • Allow Web users to automatically download their Android app
  • Customize their app experience using Google+ profile info
  • Enable users to share interactive posts with friends
  • Write app activities that only appear when they're relevant

To kick off the new options, Google has already partnered with two platform providers -- Janrain and Gigya.

Courtesy of Janrain, Google+ users can sign in to the following sites: NPR, Universal Music Group (which includes sites like,,,, and, and HSN. Gigya's platform offers access to American Idol and the Food Network UK.

Accessing any of the above sites will now let you log in with your Google account as well as your Facebook or Twitter account.