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Google expands Fiber to Grandview, Mo.

Despite the announcement, it will still be awhile before the Kansas City suburb actually gets the super-high-speed Internet.

Google Fiber will be available in many suburbs around Kansas City. Google

Google Fiber is hitting another Kansas City, Mo., suburb, the online giant said Tuesday.

Grandview, Mo., will become the latest location to snag the super-high-speed Internet, joining other cities such as Austin, Texas; Provo, Utah; and Shawnee, Kan.

However, Google said in its blog post that it will still be "awhile" before it can build Fiber in Grandview as it needs to plan and engineer its network there first.

Google, which announced the Fiber project in February 2010, began construction of the network backbone in February 2012. The idea behind Google Fiber is for the company to build a commercial fiber-based high-speed broadband network that Google and others can use to test new business models and applications that need very fast connections -- upward of 1Gbps. Thousands of cities competed to be the first home of the future network. Kansas City won.

Correction at 7:40 a.m. PT: The day of the announcement has been fixed.