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Google expands election ad transparency tools ahead of EU vote

It's adding security measures for the 2019 elections.

Google logo is seen in an Android mobile with European Union

Google is getting ready for the EU elections in spring 2019.

Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Google is bringing its political ad transparency tools to the EU ahead of the spring 2019 elections, it said Thursday.

The search giant will use EU election commissions' data to inform voters about participation and require that it's clear who paid for all election ads, Lie Junius, the company's EU public policy director, wrote in a blog post.

It'll also require advertisers to apply and get verified before paying for political ads. They'll also have to submit a party registration document or a European ID, Bloomberg noted.

The region is also getting an EU-specific version of the election ads transparency report and searchable ad library.

"In addition to new political advertising transparency tools, we're continuing our critical investments in keeping our own platforms secure and are working with campaigns, elections officials, journalists, human rights organizations and others across the EU to ensure the security of the online platforms that they depend on," Junius wrote.

This push comes two months after Google joined Facebook and Twitter in signing a joint code of conduct on tackling the spread of fake news in Europe.