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Google engineers leave despite non-zillionaire status

Google Maps engineers leave to become VCers

While the list of former Yahoo employees is long and growing, Google's has stayed relatively short. That may be changing soon, as employee stock options vest nearly three years after the initial public offering.

The two latest to go are Bret Taylor and Jim Norris, two of the head engineers behind Google Maps, according to VentureBeat's Matt Marshall.

The 26-year-olds are now "entrepreneurs in residence" at Benchmark Capital, where they are percolating their new idea for a consumer Internet company, the article says.

Taylor and Norris were only at Google since 2003, and as a result, they aren't likely to be Google-zillionaires, as I like to call them. "While early enough to benefit them considerably at the IPO, it wasn't enough to give them the many millions that earlier employees enjoyed," Marshall writes.

Too bad.