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Google edges forward in search share

Search giant increases its search market share just a smidgen in April, but every little bit matters when you're talking about billions of search queries--each potentially with some keyword-based ads alongside.

Update 4:07: I corrected a typo in the Yahoo market share statistics.

When you're talking about billions and billions of search queries, each potentially with some keyword-based ads alongside, every few hundredths of a percent of market share is important in the search market.

And that's what Google carved away from its main competition yet again, according to statistic for U.S. searches performed in April. Google increased its share from 67.25 percent in March to 67.90 percent in April, while Yahoo dropped a smidgen from 20.29 percent to 20.28 and Microsoft dropped from 6.65 percent to 6.26 percent., in fourth place, eked out an increase from 4.09 percent to 4.17 percent, Hitwise said.

The study also spotlighted Google's starring--and growing--role in sending traffic to various industries.

In April in the United States, Google was responsible for delivering about 31 percent of the Internet traffic at health and medical sites. For travel, Google was responsible for 23 percent of Internet traffic; for shopping and classifieds, 17 percent; news and media, 15 percent; and entertainment, 15 percent.

In all those areas and a few others, Google gained share over search rivals, Hitwise said.

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