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Google Earth takes students globetrotting from the classroom

Using Google Earth’s Voyager, students can explore remote places, all from the safety of their classroom.


Google has a fun new educational tool for those students slowly falling asleep at their desks.

The company on Monday launched 10 new "stories" on Google Earth Voyager specifically designed for educational use. Students can explore remote places such as the Costa Rica Thermal Dome Hope Spot through interactive guided tours of satellite imagery and photographs. The interaction comes from explainer videos from scientists, nonprofits and other organisations, coupled with information to read (or not) through.

Google partnered with the National Geographic Society, PBS Education, HHMI Biointeractive and Mission Blue to create the education projects, Google for Education Marketing Manager Melissa Horwitz wrote in a blog post.

Voyager is a recent addition to Google Earth, reimagining the exploration app with storytelling features. Google has kept the announcements on education tools rolling, with other new content releases including a collection of STEM tools for Chromebooks, discount media literacy apps and soon an Expeditions app for Cardboard and Daydream that offers 600 virtual field trips.