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Google doodles top 5 in video

Press play on our video to see Google come alive as we count down our favourite five Google doodles.

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Fancy a bit of fun? Then hit play on our video to see the Google home page come alive in colourful fashion, as we count down our favourite five Google doodles.

The Google doodle is a playful remix of the Google logo found on the search giant's otherwise crisp white home page, which pops up to mark an event. Doodles can be a splash of cheery art, an animated video or a fun little game -- but with one thing in common: they're a welcome burst of sunshine from the big G.

Doodles celebrate public holidays or special days, or the birthday of famous folk, from Michelangelo to Marie Curie. They're often informative too, helping us learn a little something about an unsung hero.

The first ever doodle saw a stick man standing proud over the Google logo in 1998, a tribute to the giant stick man in the Nevada desert at that year's Burning Man festival. Since then, the doodle has become ever more sophisticated, right up to a horrifying Halloween video and an epic sci-fi game.

Sometimes the Google logo is transformed completely, which brings us to the first in our top five -- a colourful Braille interpretation of the famous logo.

And sometimes the logo comes alive, as in the HTML5-powered coloured balls that swooped and dived around the cursor to herald the arrival of Google Instant.

All work here at CNET Towers ground to a halt on the anniversary of a certain ghost-guzzling classic, when you could play Google doodle Pac-Man.

But it's not all mindless fun. Talented Googlers made sweet music with an amazing playable guitar doodle -- an homage to musical pioneer Les Paul.

Videos and animations soon sprung up celebrating famous figures such as Charlie Chaplin and John Lennon. But our number one favourite video and our top Google doodle pays tribute to the right royal Freddie Mercury. Click play above to see the full epic animation depicting Freddie in action, a shooting star leaping through the skies like a tiger defying the laws of gravity.

You can now get your favourite doodle on a t-shirt, mug or skateboard at the Google doodle store. Which is your favourite? And who would you like to see celebrated by Google? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook page.