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Google doodles St. Patrick's Day with sober riverdance

To celebrate March 17, the world's unofficial drinking day, Google's doodlers have six dancers jigging the morning away.

Dance away for St. Patrick's Day. Google Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

They were already out on the streets yesterday, with their green Lucky T-shirts, green plastic glasses (on head and in hand), and very silly green necklaces.

Well, St. Patrick's Day happens to fall on a weekend, which means two days of reverence to Guinness and, well, alcohol of many other kinds.

Google's doodlers clearly understand and respect this.

So while you and your friends might be creating a river of beer, they have contented themselves with presenting a little riverdance on Google's home page.

One boy and five girls -- each representing one letter of the Google logo -- demurely dance away and leap up and down a little.

Naturally, this gives an extra meaning to the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button just below them.

However, it also reminds you that it is possible to have fun today without clutching a beer in your hand.

Should you choose to channel more than your inner Michael Flatley today, please remember that you don't have to drink until you flatline.