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Google doodles an Imelda Marcos Thanksgiving

Google's Thanksgiving doodle is simple and colorful, and when you click on the turkey's feet, they get a different pair of shoes.

Thanksgiving is all about sharing and being grateful.

So might I share Google's Thanksgiving doodle, for whose sheer exuberance I am very grateful.

It seems like just another colorful turkey. And then one notices that it enjoys rather nicely coiffed long hair, from a Twiggy-sponsored salon in the 1960s.

Because one assumes it is necessary to do these things, one clicks on the logo to discover that the turkey's feathers rapidly change color.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

With more clicks, the hairdo changes, too--at one point, it even goes bald with an eye-patch.

However, what is most moving for those who enjoy shopping--or merely Philippine history--is what happens upon the turkey's feet.

With every click comes a new pair of shoes. I spotted roller skates, purple jester shoes, sneakers, high-heeled purple pumps, flip-flops, court shoes, and even what looked like football boots.

On the company's blog, doodler Willie Real explains that this creation is paying homage to his favorite elementary-school memory: creating hand turkeys.

Naturally, because this is a corporate priority, Real informs that you can share your creatively doodled hand turkeys on Google+.

Some, though, will not be able to get beyond the shoes.

They say that Imelda Marcos owned 2,700 pairs of shoes. I am sure, therefore, that those for whom she is still a heroine will especially celebrate Google's Thanksgiving gift that keeps on giving.