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​Google Doodle pays homage to Bastian, Falkor and 'The Neverending Story'

An acclaimed fantasy novel from 1979 earns some recognition on one of the internet's most important websites.

A ​Google Doodle recognizes the 37th anniversary of "The Neverending Story"

A Google Doodle recognizes the 37th anniversary of "The Neverending Story"


Google gave the world a taste of Fantastica on Thursday.

The Google Doodle appearing on the company's search page pays homage to "The Neverending Story," a fantasy book by Michael Ende published 37 years ago on September 1, 1979. In the book, a character named Bastian gets slurped into a book containing a mystical realm called Fantastica, where he meets a dragon named Falkor, a hunter named Atreyu and a dying empress. Adventures and voyages of self-discovery ensue.

The book, originally published in Germany, topped bestseller lists and was adapted into a movie. Google's adaptation features five vignettes from the story. For the first time in a doodle, the images slide by with a parallax effect that imparts some depth by separating foreground and background elements.

If you missed the fuss over the book, there are two other doodles to pick from: the 34th anniversary of Thailand's Similan Islands National Park and the beginning of the school year in Russia.