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Google Doodle marks Christmas as part of holiday series

The search giant is telling the story of a flock reuniting throughout the Holiday Season.


Google's flock reunites.

Google celebrated Christmas with the second installment of it holiday doodle series, depicting a pair of gift-bearing penguins reuniting with their "warm-weather relatives."

The polar creatures are greeted by their warm weather "relatives" with open wings and what appears to be a tropical treat: a pineapple. Another panel showed the group tucking in to a holiday meal under palm trees as the parrot hosts lay out a spread.

(Note: We think the hosts are parrots. Others have suggested they're macaws. Either way, the family seems to be having fun.) 

Google kicked the series off a week ago as the "relatives" began preparing for a holiday get-together. Google suggested there will be four entries in the series with an image showing four boxes bearing the numbers 18, 25, 31 and 1.

So expect new entries on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.