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Google doodle honors synthesizer inventor Robert Moog

Google commemorates Moog's 78th birthday with an interactive doodle of one of his synthesizers.

Google latest doodle honors the late Robert Moog, the inventor of the electronic synthesizer. Moving the cursor across the key creates some Moog synthesizer-style notes and animates the various controls. The doodle, commemorating Moog's 78th birthday, is live in Australia and Japan, and will soon make its way west. Moog died in 2005.

The Moog synthesizer was a favorite among the first generation of rock musicians; the synthesizer is a staple of modern artists. Moog created the first Moog Modular synthesizer in 1963, and developed the more popular Minimoog in 1970.  

In 1970, Moog received a Grammy Trustees Award for lifetime achievement. offers a comprehensive look at his life and work.