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Google marks Holi Festival with explosively colorful Doodle

Get your brightly colored powders at the ready. It's time to go and hurl them at strangers -- all in the name of good.


Holi is also known as the festival of colors.


Google, once known widely for its "don't be evil" motto, dedicated its Monday doodle to the idea of good's triumph over evil in the Hindu festival of Holi.

Holi is traditionally celebrated in India, Nepal and surrounding countries, but it's popularity has spread in recent years. This is in part because of the vibrant, brightly hued parties that go along with it.

The festival of colors, as Holi is also known, brings people together at events where they throw a rainbow of dyed powders at one another in an explosive free for all. Google's animated Doodle shows a crowd of characters running past the company name and splattering it with multicolored powders.

On Monday such celebrations will take place around the world, with some continuing into the week.