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Google Doodle highlights vets' stories on Veterans Day

Five veterans tell real stories of their experiences during and after their service defending our country.


Google's Veterans Day Doodle tells the stories of those who served in defense of the US -- in their own voices.


One hundred years ago Sunday, the "war to end all wars" ended with the signing of the Armistice.

World War I originated as a European conflict that grew to involve 32 countries around the world, claiming the lives of an estimated 9 million soldiers and 7 million civilians in four years of fighting. The US sustained more than 360,000 casualties, including 126,000 killed in action.

On this Veterans Day, to honor the brave men and women who have served our country in the military, Google is using an animated Doodle to help them share real stories of their experiences in the service and their lives afterward. Five stories -- one for each branch of the service -- told in the voices of those who served.

"Aside from covering experiences from a range of time periods in our nation's history, the stories also touch on a spectrum of veteran experiences and emotions such as friendship, loss, hardship, hope and love," Google said in a statement about the Doodle.

The Doodle was created by a partnership with StoryCorps (whose mission is to preserve and share stories of American life), Google's internal employee veteran network (VetNet) and animation studio Foreign Fauna. It's part of the #VeteransVoices initiative, a collaboration among Google, YouTube and StoryCorps that encourages people to honor the sacrifices made by veterans by listening to their stories.

The initiative also encourages us to use the StoryCorps app to interview the veteran and archive an oral history of their experience with the Library of Congress.

Stories of veterans' experience can also be shared and found on YouTube and other social networks using #VeteransVoices.

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