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Google Doodle parties with the stars and stripes

There's no better way to celebrate America's 240th birthday than hosting a barbecue.

Happy 240th!


Google Doodle is hosting the best Fourth of July party ever, and you're all invited!

The Doodle of the day shows the 50 stars from the American flag enjoying an Independence Day barbecue.

Per my random decision to assign states to each star, Texas is grilling hot dogs. Eleven states are eagerly lined up, with hot dog buns ready for action. South Dakota is mowing a red stripe. Arkansas is meditating. Illinois is flying a kite. Michigan is shooting hoops. Nebraska is splashing in the sprinkler. California and Oregon are playing chess. Arizona is licking an ice cream cone. Georgia is going fishing. Colorado and Montana are playing catch. Hawaii is surfing. And Rhode Island is playing guitar.

It doesn't get any cuter than this.

The doodle, of course, is only showing up in the 50 states. And to allay any of our egocentric tendencies, just know that Indonesia also has its own Doodle on this day to celebrate Mudik, which according to Google is the annual "mass migration of city dwellers to their rural hometowns...coinciding with the end of Ramadan."


It's Mudik too!