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Google Doodle celebrates longest, shortest day of the year

It's the solstice, the beginning of summer... and winter.


Just chillin' dude.


Chilled to the bone.


Break out your suntan lotion. It's officially summer. 

You might also want to bundle up. Winter is here.

Google celebrated the June solstice, which marks the point in the year when the day is longest in the northern hemisphere and shortest south of the equator. It also marks the start of summer and winter, depending on where you are. (No, the Earth isn't flat.)

The summer doodle features some sort of rodent -- we're guessing a mouse, but who knows? -- sitting underground reading a book. A bird pecks a hole through the roof, allowing the summer sunlight to pour in and prompting the critter to put on shades. 

For the winter illustration, the same varmint figure skates on a pond before returning underground caked in snow.

The character is part of a Google series on the changing of the seasons and appeared in the spring doodle